A recognizable visual language and tone of voice capable of presenting and representing the identity, values and vision of a company.

How could a small Italian brand find space in a sector where all the references of technological superiority and manufacturing quality were German brands? My proposal was to claim precisely its Italianness as a logical and necessary guarantee for excellence. Who better than an Italian manufacturer knows the needs and demands of Italian restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, ice cream parlors, wineries... that we can find in any corner of the planet? A german?!

The friendly illustrations full of Mediterranean light, color and sympathy also broke the cold and clinical image standard of all competitors. Like this slogan:

"WE ARE THE ITALIAN AUTHORITY IN PROFESSIONAL COOKERY WASHING. We experiment with ideas about water that make us unique. Our ability to control its composition and dynamics has resulted in highly innovative and sustainable products. Maximum safety and sanitation dishwasher, with absolute washing quality.

We are the luminous white that collects a perfect espresso, the baroque transparency of a large bowl of ice cream, the immaculate column of plates near the pizza oven, the traceless finesse of a glass of prosecco. Uragan is adaptability and exceptional results in the care of traditions that have become a universal daily heritage of taste."