CONTENT for sponsorship. Concept, Art Direction.

In a way, perhaps we were playing at the doors of AI.

To celebrate the sponsorship of the Macap's grinder Labo to the international competitions AeroPress, the barista and Brand Ambassador (and friend) Renata Zanon proposed to publish a series of coffee recipes. How to capture a world of aromas and flavors to represent a tasting note? I immediately thought about the little dioramas and sculptures that my 10 -year -old son created and in some old advertisements of surreal aesthetics with references to the world of Dalí.

In fact, in the photographic session by Marco Dapino and his assitant Federica Pace (more friends!) we have my child's invaluable help to create the small and fragile figures of the scenes... A light job, in the best company. A great occasion to share (some coffees) and learn about the thousand forms of passion and creativity.