CORPORATE CULTURE articulating production space. Concept, Art Direction, text.

Transformation of C.M.A. production and logistics plant (+30,000 m2) in Veneto.

Contenido de mi publicación

Design and content. Construction management and coordination of suppliers for a monumental permanent installation (coding the space with 50 2x5m light-boxes) integrating throughout all sections a Storytelling about the dignity and quality of the work and the link with the territory

The project starts from a very free commission: decorating the production zone.

The suggestion was to use illustrations that I was developing for the company's storytelling. However, from the first moment it was evident for me that the objective had to be to give the maximum value and dignity to the work that was carried out there. Beauty was the factory itself, its relationships and gestures. Any ornament from outside was a mistake.

To shape the idea I was lucky to have the precise gaze of Marco Dapino, the author of the photographs. I also had the luck to convince Board of the need to use a completely analog system and technology (Lightboxes with high quality impressions) and, consequently, of a timeless elegance.