NAMING product.

Give a name to a product and propose a new Naming route to the brand's catalogue.

“ROCKET FATTO A MANO A MILANO. Highlight the brand through a tribute to Milan. The renowned and cosmopolitan city of design and the most authentic concept of Made in Italy beats in the heart of every Rocket machine. ISOLA, BABILA, NAVIGLI... BICOCCA... let’s embrace and savor the names of its neighborhoods to find a coherent and identifying line of Product Naming.

BICOCCA. Neighborhood of universities, street life and cultural centers. A name with very Italian vibes, sympathetic, blithe and playful. BICOCCA. Sounds that make you think of cocoa, even the warm scent of an oven or coffee roaster. A word that can also make us imagine a children's game, short and intense like an espresso. A word that tells us about tradition as fun and pleasure.

BICOCCA is the machine of studies and creation around the art of coffee. Made to learn and deepen with academic rigor, but also to exploit the overcoming of dogmas with the most modern art of Specialty, and the avant-garde of coffee culture. The ritual of espresso brought home with all its possibility of social life, of sharing warm moments around a cup.”