NAMING product & product lines. Claims, copywriting.

Work focused on achieving a profound change in the MACAP’s tone of voice and the identity of the product, excessively accommodated in a vapid B2B communication and catalog.

The concept for Naming was very simple, but a little fun and capable of causing a cascade of concepts. All products and product lines should have a name ending in "o." These names had to characterize what our action was like, our way of interacting with each device. A dynamometric tamper is called POGO because of the blow with which it compacts the coffee, a grinder developed for the creativy of Specialty Coffee is called LABO, the domestic line is called STUDIO, a tamper with rounded shapes that is manipulated with a twisting gesture is called RONDO...

Once the perspective and the door to fun are open, creating emotional claims and texts for a catalog or the company profile is a game that only requires listening deeply to the factory and the product.

Expressions such as Espresso Is A State Of Grinding, The Other Coffee Machine, Grinding For The People, Tamping Makes Espresso... perfectly define not only the function of a product, but also its character and value.