SCULPTURE to describe technologies. Concept & design. Art Direction.

Concept, design and coordination of construction and suppliers. An installation built in metal expands through the lobby and common spaces of the headquarters of two brands to tell and distinguish their technologies.

Astoria and Wega are two brands of the same sector (professional coffee machines) that share administrative and commercial headquarters. The main difference between them is in the technology of the traditional thermohydraulic system (the essence and heart of these devices).

This permanent installation, which expands throughout the headquarters is a clear and effective explanation of the differences between both systems and, consequently, between both brands.

The different elements, connected by long and winding copper tubes, are designed to become technical signs and constructed in the materials of each part of the machine (steel, copper, aluminum, brass).

On the walls, a series of technical schemes dialogue with emotional texts that make the machine (the product) a metaphor of the group's value system.

The very fine artisanal work of the suppliers (DeCastelli and Neon Lauro) gives the set an high aesthetic level, with the character of a creation of conceptual art.