STAND. Concept, design, ARTWORK, Art Direction.

An immersive and spectacular scenery for a classic brand.

The goal was to immerse visitors in a world of coffee. A spacious, warm, enveloping, comfortable and elegant space. Create the opportunity to slip into a world apart within the bustling exhibition area.

I wanted to make the Astoria stand a memorable space for visitors, consistent with all my work for the brand identity, that would sublimate the product and make the sales team proud.

I know the world of large international trade fairs very well and, although I had never designed a stand before, my many years of experience as an art director and film set designer have a direct transfer in the conception of ephemeral architectures, supplier management and timing, choice of materials and finishes, etc.

Having said the above, I must also make it clear that I consider trade fairs to be the image of an obsolete and unsustainable business model. My many discussions on the matter have helped me to deepen and consolidate my position and my arguments.

My greatest respect is for companies that break with this dynamic ostentatious and gargantuan. I highly value the efforts to create other types of spaces - physical or virtual - for relationships with the market, suppliers and other stakeholders.