STORYTELLING company book. Concept, text, ILLUSTRATION. Art Direction.

An Italian fable illustrated with lots of coffee and some watercolour stains. Such is the coffee load that you can almost smell it when you leaf through the book.

How to explain the history of a company that during its half century of existence had not documented at any time its activity, or its original spaces and work equipment, which did not retain vestiges of its first manufactures or its old advertisements? The solution was to weave a fable with the memory of its protagonists - a beautiful interview work - and illustrate it and publish it as a story, almost like a children's book. The story of a humble project evolving in parallel to the change towards the prosperity of one of the most depressed regions of Italy of the mid -twentieth century. A story about enterprising people, in the most vital sense of the term.

The illustrations on glossy Arches paper, letting the big spots and splashes of coffee evolve freely and slowly evaporate to reveal forms and compositions give to the book and the company himself all its character, warmth and emotion.

The history of the factory, which still retains its original name (CMA: Constrution of Agricultural Machinery), has the great symbolic power to illustrate and be a model of the change of Veneto: from a region with a precarious economy based on cereal agriculture to become cradle and headquarters of many of the country's companies.